Greenwood Tree Cover Reveal Tour

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Thanks for popping by : the tour continues, with chat on Facebook and Google+ on all manner of things related to the novel: the Green Man, 18th century, 1920s, music, fashion, snuff(!) & more – so do join us, add any images, clips and quotes you find relevant, & exchange ! 

Facebook Event Page      Google+ Event Page

Plus, for those keen on Pinterest,  there is now a Pinterest Party Board 

So come join in the chat !

The cover is ready – and to help launch it (& thereby, the book itself!) onto the Web, we have put together a list of those kind hosts participating to date (there may be more to come….). Starting on the 15th of April, with subsequent stops on other blogs between the 17th April and early May, the tour stops will be made up of first and foremost, the cover, along with  book blurb, author bio, links, occasional excerpts, interviews and…. an illustration (or two…)  in addition to which  there will be Cover Reveal Events on Facebook  and Google+ – so do pop by to add your thoughts on the Green Man, Myths & Mystery, 1920s crime fiction, 18th century manners, and so on ….

15th April Cover Reveal

AuthorsAnon Newsletter

Bustling Along Bookshelves

V.R.Christensen (Of Moths & Butterflies, Cry of the Peacock) 

Shalini Boland (HIDDEN(Marchwood Trilogy,OUTSIDE,The Clearing)

Lynn Clayton (Deadly Nevergreen) 

& That Green Man Again 


 Flora Bateman’s Boot Heel Cotton Patch   

Gothic angel 

Krystal Milton

Maria Grazia’s Fly High

Laurie Thoughts


The CellarDoorians

G.Scholl’s Creative Scene Investigation 

17th April additional coverage: 

Behind a Million & One Pages

We Do Write  (with interview 9th May)

CatherineConverseBooks 17th & 18th April


Extras :

 Interview  Imagineerebooks after 15th April

Interview on Susan Finlay Writes 24th April

Spotlight  on BooklinglyYours 28th April 

Interview on  We Do Write  9th May

Book Excerpt on The Eternal Scribe 

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