Mystery Authors: Are You Looking For A Publisher?

Susan Finlay Writes

Ten days ago I wrote an article about editing, and talked about my experience with my editor at Grey Cells Press, an imprint of Holland House Books. He’s a professional; he’s an author, an editor, and an intellectual. He understands the theme of my book, and knows exactly where I need to add more description, where I need to say less, where I need to go deeper into a character’s head. He’s willing to discuss, and not just take over the book.

In the article I said that I hope all authors have the opportunity to work with such an editor.

Today, he told me that he’s actively seeking submissions for Grey Cells Press, and I was delighted. I hope that if you write mysteries/crime fiction, you’ll check out his website. I asked what he is looking for and he sent me this:

Grey Cells Press is all about Mystery…

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