Was that the Green Man I just saw?

Marlene Lee

A Review of Bustles Lloyd’s The Greenwood Tree

I suggest you open this mystery novel the way you open a beautifully wrapped gift: with heightened perceptions and the tiniest bit of doubt.  What if it’s not my size?  Most mysteries  (correct me if I’m wrong) are not stylized, legend-inspired stories that have bigamous murders occurring two centuries apart.  But open the book.  You will find yourself competently led back and forth between centuries by the charming central character, Julia Warren, as she begins researching her novel from Pringle’s Bookshop in London.  Researching leads to detecting, and before you can say “Green Man,” you and she are deep in the parallel goings-on of 1783 and 1927.

In its prose, artistic structure, and delicate silhouettes scattered throughout the text, The Greenwood Tree is as winsome as the green world Julia encounters when she travels from London to Aunt Isobel’s country estate…

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