Review of Children’s Book ‘Errol Come Home’

Susan Finlay Writes

I’ve just read a cute children’s book called ‘Errol Come Home’, written by Harvey Rooster and illustrated by Jacoba Dorothy. It will be published in 2013 by Black Feline Publishing, Copyright 2012 Simon Swift.

I was immediately hooked by the story because it’s told from the point of view of the adorable cat, Errol. As a cat lover myself, I was also pleased that the cat looks exactly like one of my own cats. He’s black, shiny, and has green eyes. Errol leads a pampered life with his two adult humans. They shower him with love and affection, and with tuna and milk. He’s a very happy boy—until his humans bring home two children to live with them. Errol’s confused. He doesn’t know who these little people are, or what they’re doing in his home. Suddenly, Errol isn’t the center of attention. His life is changing. Even his food is…

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