Christopher D. Abbott

I’m an enthusiastic reader of crime fiction, but not just crime. Science-fiction, fantasy and a lot of period drama. I have also, on occasions, dipped into the works of historic non-fiction. However, my passion has always been a good murder mystery! I have copies of all the Sherlock Holmes cases, and nearly all the Agatha Christie’s Poirot (short stories and complete novels). I have tinkered with various ideas for a crime story of my own, and when I sat down and set about the task of having someone murdered (in print!) the story of Sir Laurence Gregson was born.

Now, before I could murder him, I had to understand him. This then led me to develop the character of Doctor Straay. I choose a Dutchman purely and simply because I had been to Holland many times, I have friends there, and I love the Dutch, so it was natural that I…

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