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Vn. Cotopaxi

It’s strange how serendipity can change the whole course of a story. In my first post I talked about the research I had to do for The Beaumont Bequest. In that instance I’d already decided that Rex Beaumont was going to be in a WWII tank regiment so I knew what I was looking for. The inclusion of Cotopaxi was pure chance.

Early on in the process of developing the story, (many years ago), I decided that towards the end of the book, Patrick would need to climb to a high place before meeting his fate. Originally, I had him climbing one of those stepped pyramids that you find in Central and South America. For that I needed to invent a name for the nation who owned the real estate. I couldn’t think of one but I knew that many of the names from that area included the letters ‘C’…

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