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The Paradox Series - By Patti Roberts

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Book 1 currently free from all online stores.

Book 5 due out late 2015

For those that love Witches, Ghosts and other enchanting characters, I am in the process of writing a book just for you.

Witchwood Estate - Going Home bk 1 2500 sunset

Alexandria Santorini must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her

loving guardians for the past twelve years,

and go home to Ferntree Falls

to claim her inheritance

 — Witchwood Estate —

before it is too late.

On her journey, however, things take an

unexpected turn when Alexandria befriends

Andrew, a ghosts on a quest to find his

one true love.

A story about witches, ghosts and other creatures — that are only supposed to exist

in story books.


The Barnabys


The Count

“Every time I read another book from Patti Roberts her imagination amazes me.”

Natalie Hillier.

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Goodreads Page – HERE

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 Official Editors: Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

Brainstorming: Leslie Hansford

Poet: Chris…

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