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Pen of the Damned


Sit before the Tale Weaver.

Through this open sash wafts the spice of golden autumn, yet lulled into complacency dare be not.  A harbinger, this essence, of sinister entities soon to stalk the sanctity of your threshold.  Hastened your pulse, and so should it be.  For in due time the graveyards beyond shall be born once more.  My skeletal hand now take, and open your dormant senses to such truths as only the Tale Weaver can reveal.  Yes.  Yessss.  One foot fore the other; step now from my tenebrous haunt.

Behold my playground!  Behold the majesty of rot neath your apprehensive feet, these glorious, rusted arches serving as gateways for the dead.  Across the chilled flesh of your cheek doth flit moonlight embers, or so your consciousness should have you believe.  Tis the fingers of lost souls caressing your countenance, mourning the shell of humanity you…

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