Virtual Tour Schedule

Haunted House Tour

Running from mid-September to mid-October

Promoting ghost novellas

Blind by V.R.Christensen


Ungentle Sleep by B.lloyd

Part One

 15th September :

A quick visit to Hillburn House (Ungentle Sleep) with links to both Ungentle Sleep and Blind at :

17th September :

A mystery visit to a gothic residence with links to both novellas at :

20th September :

A quick and unsettling tour of Tremonton Manor, where the novella Blind is set, plus links, at

21st September:

Diary of a Ghost-Hunter, from 1785, in another mystery residence from gothic literature … with links to both novellas, at

22nd September:

Why was the Duke Saltimbocca enraged at dinner? Find out at our next trot around one of the better known locations from the past, as always with links to the two novellas, at :

From the 23rd to 29th September, Ungentle Sleep will be hosted via Tourz de Codex on the following dates :

23rd September: – Review, Guest Post

24th September:

 http://jowu-timeispoisoned.blogspot.comCharacter Interview

25th September:  – Author Interview

27th September: – Review & Author Interview

28th September: – Guest Post

 29th September: – Guest Post & Giveaway

Part Two

 Spotlight on 4th October at

visits to  DarkMediaCity

with Double Giveaway:Blind & Ungentle Sleep  5th-6th October

Starting 8th October:

another tour with Ungentle Sleep on

October 8

Guest blog  (Mondays as part of the paranormal perceptions series)

October 8 : Promo

October 9 : Interview

October 10 Guest blog

October 11 : Interview

October 12 : Guest blog

October 15 : Guest blog and giveaway via KDP Select

Latest Update 

 V.R.Christensen with her ghost novella Blind will be under the Spotlight at Passion for Pages on the 25th October

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