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From the most excellent V.R.Christensen’s blog, concerning that most entertaining Lady A.Skelark…

Icarus Ascending

A Classic Companion by A Lady

Katherine grew naturally into a handsome, intelligent and truly generous young woman, drawing from her aunt’s strength of character—and her late uncle’s sorry lack of it.

And so begins Lady A~’s exquisitely written Austen-esque masterpiece, Merits and Mercenaries. It isn’t very often I’m completely absorbed in a book. So absorbed that I go to bed thinking about the story’s many layered conflict, and dreaming about the characters, planning and plotting in their behalf, trying to sort out in my head just where the story might go, and all the seemingly impossible obstacles that must be overcome to get it there. It was just that way for me as I read this wonderful book.

This was just a superbly written, cleverly concocted, shining example of what Historical Fiction ought be but rarely is. Here were no attempts to modernise the heroine, or even the…

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The Edinburgh E-book Festival, right in front of you !

Excellent stuff, this : The Festival that comes to you, as they say on the Welcome page :

“Over 17 days we have nearly 100 ‘events’ across a range of ‘features’ to keep you entertained – 7-8 times a day. And remember, this is the festival that comes to you. You can engage via your ereader of choice/ pc or smartphone. All for free.”

So what are you waiting for ? Go and take a peek !

The Edinburgh E-book Festival 

Excerpt from Gev Sweeney’s excellent historical novel ‘The Scattered Proud’

Some nice pointers and/or reminders here …

Words I Stole from Other Countries

It’s been several weeks since I posted anything about query letters on this site.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve said anything about them since my first writer’s conference in June and even though that was only a month ago, it feels like that happened years back.  To be honest, I have spent hours (days, even) researching what makes the perfect query letter and I’ve probably written damn close to 100 of them myself.  I’ve written bad ones, I’ve written mediocre ones, and I’ve written letters that literally had me thinking, “If I don’t hear back from an agent about this letter I swear I’m throwing in the towel for good.”  Of course I never heard back anything even on those last letters and I’ve still got that towel optimistically in hand.

We’ve been through a lot together that towel and I and, while there are still far too many…

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Ask the Agent

Independent Publishers Group announced yesterday that has removed every Kindle edition of IPG Books from their site. This is serious and requires immediate response from all interested parties. Amazon did the same thing last year with all MacMillan Books and backed off after pressure from authors and publishers.

IPG is one of the largest book distributors of independent presses in the world. It distributes hundreds of smaller and mid-size presses that  publish thousands of titles.

Mark Suchomel, president  and CEO of IPG said in an e-mail alert yesterday, “I am disappointed to report that has failed to renew its agreement with IPG to sell Kindle titles…. is putting pressure on publishers and distributors to change their terms for electronic and print books to be more favorable toward Amazon. Our electronic book agreement recently came up for renewal, and Amazon took the opportunity to propose new terms for electronic and…

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