also arranges EIN for a $200 fee ….



Some of the most popular posts on this blog are about the non-US self-publisher’s headache of receiving all your royalties as opposed to having 30% of them withheld for tax reasons. We’ve long established that you can either go the long way around and apply for an ITIN, or the take the shortest route from A to B—or 70% to 100%—and apply for an EIN instead. Once you have those magic numbers, whichever ones they may be, you send a W8 form to the tax compliance department of each company you self-publish with and sit back and wait for your considerably bigger cheques.

But what’s happens to the tax that’s already been withheld? What about the 30% that’s been skimmed off each and every US-based royalty payment you’ve thus far received? How do you get your US tax back?

Up until the beginning of this year withholdings in…

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