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Brandon R. Luffman

For today’s part of the 2012 Blogger Book Fair, we had planned to have a guest post from Steven Katriel, the author of the new gothic horror novella The Portrait Of Alatiel Salazar. However, due to illness, Mr. Katriel’s guest appearance has been delayed. I hope to feature his guest post in the future, but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy this bit of information about his book and Mr. Katriel himself.

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Killer Plan or Lady Luck Part III – The Marketing Plan

The next post in this series was supposed to be on formatting. However, I have been persuaded to skip that bit for now, because there are lots of books and bits of advice out there that are probably much more detailed. What people want to know, I guess, is how I got to number one – not how I formatted the book!

However, I will say this. The formatting of your book is seriously important. You need to look like a professional. A badly formatted book automatically shouts INDIE, and not in a good way. If you don’t know how to do this, I have already written a couple of posts here and here that will get you to the point where you are almost ready for Amazon, and you will at least have tidied your book in preparation…

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Austenprose - A Jane Austen Blog

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, by Syrie James (2012)Want to know how to spend New Year’s Eve this year? I highly recommend curling up with a glass of champagne and The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, a new Austen-inspired novel by best-selling author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, Syrie James! *squee*

I had the honor of reading a working copy of this exciting novel months ago and offered Syrie a few suggestions. I would love to tell all…right now…but of course I will only offer this teaser description from the publisher:

Samantha McDonough cannot believe her eyes–or her luck. Tucked in an uncut page of a two-hundred-year-old poetry book is a letter that she believes was written by Jane Austen, mentioning with regret a manuscript that “went missing at Greenbriar in Devonshire.”

Could there really be an undiscovered Jane Austen novel waiting to be found? Could anyone resist the temptation to go looking for…

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Writers Beware: Before signing up ….

At last ! The long wait is over : for fans of crime thrillers with a difference…

V.R.Christensen on Empathy and Research


I’m not a research historian. I’m sorry if I’ve     disappointed you, or if that somehow belittles what I do. But I don’t believe in pretending to be what I’m not. What I am is honest. What I am is empathetic. Now and then, however, I get a little tired of being bombarded by bombastic pedants, who would belittle the work I do (or that my friends do) in order to make themselves look like experts. It happens more than I’d like. And frankly, I’m tired of it.

I’ve been posting a lot of research pieces lately, not only on my blog, but in other places.  I find such pieces very difficult to write. History is so complex and many layered, and …(read on)

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