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Figures that speak for themselves : Base Spirits on Kindle Select


There have been mixed responses to the Amazon KDP Select process for indie authors; here is a link to Ruth Barrett’s post about the positive experience she has just had :

Good Karma Success

More about the book itself, with trailer, interview(s) and review(s) etc here :




Exciting new launch from Steven Katriel : A Tudor Romance :

ebook sales versus print . . . some figures from Publishers Weekly

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

kindle fireThe trend continues–ebook sales just keep going up with no limit in sight while print/paper sales decline. Publishers Weekly reports;

Despite slowing growth rates in the final quarter of 2011, e-book sales rose 117% for the year, generating revenue of $969.9 million at the companies that report sales to the Association of American Publishers.

Sales in all trade print segments fell in the year, however, with the mass market paperback segment showing the largest decline with sales from reporting houses down almost 36%, to $431.5 million. Adult hardcover and trade paperback sales were off 17.5% and 15.6%, respectively. In children’s, the YA/hardcover segment sales fell 4.7% and paperback sales fell 12.7%.

  The religion segment had a solid year, with sales up 8.4% in all formats. And in audio, physical audio sales fell 8.1% at reporting companies, while downloadable audio rose 25.5% for the year.

 In December, e-book sales rose 72%…

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Ever wanted to know more about the background to a novel you enjoyed ? V.R.Christensen tells the story behind ‘Of Moths and Butterflies’ . . .

The Literary Underground Blog

How did Of Moths & Butterflies come about? Well, in all honesty, it was  inspired by a song…sort of. You see, Moths isn’t my first book. Like many authors, I have several stashed away in desk drawers and cardboard manuscript boxes. (Yes, I’m that old fashioned.) Ok, there are some on my hard drive as well. The first book I finished was about an arranged marriage that did not manage to come into fruition. But one day as I had the latest (then) Royksopp album playing, I listened, really listened, to the words of 49 Percent. There is a line that says, “Less than half? Why won’t you try to make this damage better?” I immediately thought of that first story line, and another thought came to me: “What would have happened if the marriage had come off, after all?”

But if the guy was a creep, as he was…

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For writers and publishers : 40 promoting sites . .. .