Welcome Lynn Clayton’s new blog, about her crime thriller ‘Deadly Nevergreen’ launching this year from Endaxi Press . . .


For weeks I’ve been putting off writing my first blog. In order to put it off for a few more minutes, I’ve just cut my hair into a fringe and made such a mess of it that penance is called for. Or in other words, blogging.

My reluctance springs from the fear that, with the whole world blogging, no one will read it. As a writer I want to be read. That’s the reason for this blog – to ask you if you’ll read my first novel, DEADLY NEVERGREEN. It’s a crime novel set on the Isle of Wight and will be published by endaxipress.com later this year. As soon as I have the exact date I’ll let you know.

‘You’ -now that I’ve used the word I feel as if I’m writing to a human being and not a black hole in cyber-space. I’ve got a reader. So, dear reader…

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