Ever wanted to know more about the background to a novel you enjoyed ? V.R.Christensen tells the story behind ‘Of Moths and Butterflies’ . . .

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How did Of Moths & Butterflies come about? Well, in all honesty, it was  inspired by a song…sort of. You see, Moths isn’t my first book. Like many authors, I have several stashed away in desk drawers and cardboard manuscript boxes. (Yes, I’m that old fashioned.) Ok, there are some on my hard drive as well. The first book I finished was about an arranged marriage that did not manage to come into fruition. But one day as I had the latest (then) Royksopp album playing, I listened, really listened, to the words of 49 Percent. There is a line that says, “Less than half? Why won’t you try to make this damage better?” I immediately thought of that first story line, and another thought came to me: “What would have happened if the marriage had come off, after all?”

But if the guy was a creep, as he was…

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