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AuthorsAnon Newsletter

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First, good news re more authors getting published : Simon Swift, our most recent member on AuthorsAnon, has been signed up by Wild Wolf Publishing for his crime noire novel Black Shadows, launch due 2011.

    More recently, Lynn Clayton received an offer of publication from Endaxi Press for her gripping crime thriller  with a touch of the supernatural, Deadly Nevergreen; due out early in 2012.

 Most recently of all on the newsround is Judith Kinghorn with a two book deal from: Headline who will be publishing both The Memory of Lost Senses and The Girl on the Swing.

‘The Memory of Lost Senses was one of the earliest titles I saw on Authonomy, whose title and cover intrigued me even before leafing through the first few pages. A theme close to my heart, which I had started exploring : how the past intertwines with the present, how the past can haunt the present.

’ The evil that men do lives after them,

The good is oft interred with their bones . . .’ ‘


Good luck, everyone !

Next, Publishers and Promotion : the following are links to various houses that are actively looking for submissions; some are also online communities.
Very latest find :
Great Writer’s Revolution :Twitter : @TGWRevolution(, is a new site to help promote writers, AANon is tweeting it to help spread the word.
Basically you send them your query and they post it up for agents and publishers to view; more visibility, based on the huge contacts list they have emailed. Several publishers and agents have already shown some interest and one query has already been answered ! So, worth a try : more info here :

 I have posted my query letter for what it is worth . . .

The following are book/ebook publishers actively looking for submissions :

Valley press :Twitter: @valleypress: in business since 2009 – and still standing. Showed an interest in AuthorsAnon site:(quote) ‘@AuthorsAnon – a site listing ‘Novels in Search of A Publisher’? Absolute genius! Will definitely be checking back in future.’

Wyrdwood : Twitter : @Wyrdwood( – seeking new authors (max 60,000 words): “Wyrdwood Publications is a small, eco-friendly publishing house which publishes Pagan and Heathen fiction and non-fiction eBooks”–with a commitment to tree planting :

Book sanctuary : Twitter @booksanctuary(  ) this is an interesting, shiny new website and ebook publisher, it is also an online community, looking for reader & author members, launching at the end of February, and in the process of signing up for distribution with Kindle for Amazon distribution.
I have joined up as AAnon, and hope to encourage everyone else to join, as I think this might be a way forward for quite a few of us, as well as possibly fun!
Here are their Terms :
Term of Agreement
This agreement shall come into force on the date of acceptance and publication by and will be for the minimum period of 12 months. Once publication is agreed there are no costs for the author and Book Sanctuary will produce eBooks in three formats; pdf, ePub, and mobi. Royalties of 50% net profit are due for each eBook sale for the period of publication and signed agreement. Renewal for an additional 12 months is at the Author’s and’s discretion.

Firsty Fish : Twitter :@FirstyFish :ebook publishing service/online store : I’m not sure but I think they charge for conversion to imob and other ebook formats, anyway, as they have a page for authors, here it is (I haven’t gone as far as signing up ) :

And that’s it for now.

Will post again when have accumulated fresh information/news.